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Maykway Curry Sauce


Maykway Powder Range x 170g

The Maykway range only requires water and a few minutes of your time in order to cook. It can be also used as a marinade or to make cold dishes such as coronation chicken. Also all of our Maykway and Maysan product range are both suitable for vegetarians.

Hot and Mild

Maykway curry sauce mixes are subtle blends of the finest oriental herbs and spices prepared and cooked to a tradition eastern recipe.


Maykway Madras curry sauce mix boasts to be the hottest of all our range. With its carefully chosen ingredients, it reproduces exactly the full flavour, the texture and the heat of the true Madras Curry.


The Malaysian curry sauce mix is the newest of our product range to cater for the demand of more authentic flavours from around the world.

Maysan Packs

Paste Range x 448g


As its name suggests the original authentic Chinese curry paste mix that has become a favourite with homeowners and caterers alike.

Extra Hot

Our extra hot range brings together a blend of heat and flavour fused together to combine a perfect sauce. Try this if you like to spice up your life!


The Maysan Mild curry paste is very well suited to the customer who has a softer palette. Compliments fried rice and can be used with coconut milk to produce a creamy Korma.


Our Malaysian range is filled with many exotic spices, which can turn any old dish into a tantalising aroma filled feast.


The Maysan gravy can be used as a base product for many oriental dishes such as Chop Suey or Chow Mein or failing that as a pour over sauce for a traditional Sunday lunch.